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Learn how membership in our organisation benefits you locally, regionally and internationally once your creative works are used

Collecting societies/organisations similar to COTT exist in most countries in the world. Some of these societies administer both performing rights and mechanical rights (e.g. GEMA the German society) while others administers only one, for example Performing Right Society (PRS) which administers performing rights only.

As and example, under its reciprocal representation agreement with COTT, the members of COTT are represented by PRS and its affiliated societies in the same way that PRS represents the interests of its own members. Consequently if, for example, the musical works of a COTT member are performed in the UK, PRS will send the royalties to COTT who in turn will remit the royalties the local member

Royalty Distribution

The goal of royalty distribution is to ensure that the music copyright owners receive the income that is due to them as accurately and cost effectively as possible for the performance of their musical works in all territories where reciprocal arrangements are in force.

The Process

Royalty collection is a sophisticated process and differs based on the rights of the member for each musical work. There must be consideration for mechanical rights and performing rights, share of ownership and more. However, the process can identified in the basically as follows.

Collection of licensing fees -- Licensing fees are due whenever and wherever events create Public Performance of Music. These performances occur in a variety of instances such as; Radio and Television Broadcastings, Concerts, Fêtes, at Bars, Pubs, Clubs, Shops Stores, Hotels, to name a few.


  • Identification of titles played at source - Titles performed at the various events are obtained via program returns and play lists submitted to COTT by the promoter/ producer of the event activity. These lists or returns give detailed information regarding the songs performed at the event, the composer(s) of the songs, etc. An in depth analysis of these sheets derive the next stage of the distribution process.
  • Identification of right owners of titles used - The right owners are identified through a system of matching the play lists against established databases of active work titles including the COTT Members' Database. These databases house information regarding Composers, Authors, Publishers and Sub Publishers and Territories of Publishing control.
  • Payments - All license fees and royalties received by COTT in respect of performing rights are placed in two "pools". Revenue generated from playing of music within our International Repertoire Pool is remitted to other societies. Revenue generated from playing music for which COTT represents the interest of the writer or publisher is then distributed to members.


    COTT Congratulates Winsford 'Joker' DeVine & Andrew 'Lord Superior' Marcano

    The Copyright Music Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago (COTT) congratulates Andrew ‘Lord Superior’ Marcano, Honorary Doctor of Letters (DLitt) COTT Member for 32 years and Winsford ‘Joker’ DeVine, Honorary Doctor of Letters (DLitt) COTT Member for 22 years on receiving Honorary Degrees for their priceless contributions to Music and the Arts.

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