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As the the premier collecting society for the protection of musical works in Trinidad and Tobago, our members online experience is inportant to us.

Questions you may have navigating our site can be found here. If your query is not listed here please do not hesitate to contact us.

The information provided on this pages is created to assist you with using our site effectively.

How do I find information on the COTT site?
The structure provides a clean heirarchy of information that should be accessible immediately to you. If you cannot find what you need then you can use the search on the top right hand corner to find the information our open the site map at the bottom.

Many pages are listed when I do a search?
Pages are listed based on the relevance of your search. For some pages you will see a higher percentage relevance of the keywords of your search. It is best to choose the search item with the highest percentage relevance first.

How do I complete forms online?
Membership forms are provided to be completed online. You should complete online and print a copy for yourself. Membership applications are legal documents and must be signed to be valid.

Can I download of paper-based form?
Forms for the Licencess and members are available for download. If you are a member and not seeing a form that you wish to use, it may be found in the members only section.

Can I promote an event on the COTT site?
In the interest of fairness to or membership, we do not provide advertising for members on site.

I am having a problem login to COTT Members only area.
All members were issued a default password. If you forgot your updated password, please contact an office near you for a password reset.


    COTT Congratulates Winsford 'Joker' DeVine & Andrew 'Lord Superior' Marcano

    The Copyright Music Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago (COTT) congratulates Andrew ‘Lord Superior’ Marcano, Honorary Doctor of Letters (DLitt) COTT Member for 32 years and Winsford ‘Joker’ DeVine, Honorary Doctor of Letters (DLitt) COTT Member for 22 years on receiving Honorary Degrees for their priceless contributions to Music and the Arts.

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